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You make some great points in this piece. I could so relate to the driving part. My attitude has changed so much in the twenty years or so that I have been driving. It's a lesson that some learn the hard way.

The transition was a tad rocky from the car to the bed. It might have more impact if you just stick to one topic since we have so few words to use.

Though, I think your second part and some great points as well and really fit the topic. It's almost ironic how we worry and wonder and want rest so desperately that we may not think we have time to stop and pray but when we do just that, like you said God provides us with the rest we need so desperately. You did a nice job on this piece.
A lovely entry that many will relate to. The message is profound and to heart in this well written piece.

Thank you.

God bless~
Amen and Amen. You brought this to a good satisfying conclusion. Very enjoyable read. I liked the "ticker tape" analogy and am well familiar with the honey-do list, so that part made me smile. Years ago, I was that speeding crazy driver, and God changed all that for me, through our Royal "Love your neighbor" law. Good job on this one.
His burden is easy and His yolk is light--sweet rest.
Always rushing, never resting. That is the way of the world, but if I start my day with God I can accomplish so much more. Great job.
Your piece really hit me where I live. The driving part reminded me of my husband. Though a good driver, he does like to ride the bumpers of cars in front of us and makes me a bit nervous. The ticker-tape is definitely me.I can wake up in the middle of the night to visit "John" and the list begins ticking. Mornings my mind goes a mile a minute before my eyes have opened. Hopefully I'll catch myself and say, "good morning Lord," but not always. If I don't do my devotions during breakfast they won't get done. You really got me to thinking. Thanks.
Congratulations Francie on 4th place, Highly recommended. I know I would recommend others to read your piece.Great Job!
COngrats. God bless~
I cannot believe this is only your second article for Faithwriters! I cannot wait to read your continuing delightful posts!