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Full of self - the heart ready for Satan's favorite attacks. Put on the full armor of God instead of agonizing over your wrinkles and extra chins. Worthy of thought?
The humor in this entry concerning the "aging" in place is something many people focus on. In the end of the entry, it's good to see that you are in God's arena and able to withstand the natural aging process and flesh which ultimately mean nothing in the eternity.

Good job with this piece.

God bless~
This piece of masterful work is beyond my capabilities to give it the true credit it deserves.
Though I walk, I cannot fly like your writing does. You are an inspiration to me and challenges me to go deeper with my thoughts, and then higher in realizing that our loving Lord has a special plan for our lives, here and in the hereafter. Thank you for writing your heart's message. It is a true blessing to me.
Diamonds are refined by chipping away. Your perspective on the aging process sparkles and was an enjoyable read.
I loved how you described getting older. Gave me a chuckle. Thank you for sharing.
Oh I love this! From your sardonic title to self-deprecating humor, I ate up every word. Though I'm about 20 something years younger than your MC, I can totally relate (which is kind of scary when I think about it). I love the way the MC doesn't fear death. It reminds me a lot of my mom and grandma. I pray and am working to be that confident myself. You wrote a delightful story.
Ah, chuckles right on time. Loved the humorous twists on something we all must face, some sooner than later. "Rest" assured, you did well.
Hehehe This is cute!

There was an incomplete sentence or two, but nothing that detracted from the piece as a whole.

Nice job with this. I had to laugh when you mentioned your grandma... I'm about 4'10" also, but not quite 100 lbs. :D
I just love creative titles!
Your article was insightful and humorous.

I think I understood what you meant by "Soon to be planted" but a sentence or two to relate it to what came next may have brought more clarity to the point you were making. As noted, there were a few incomplete sentences, but you did a great job with verb usage: Clamor, plagued, shuffling...

P.S. The Judges's opinions always preempt mine.:-)
Self awareness and God awareness - now that is definitely something to think about and you've presented it in a very humorous and consoling way.
Oh man, (or lady) you must have been reading my mind. Was I ever spring? Nightmares about getting lost and I already lost my real teeth.
God Bless you for sharing this excellent, wonderful writing. Happy to know I am not the only one. I LOVED this.
You described aging with wonderful humor and clarity! It's something we all face eventually, and at the end of your piece you remind us it's nothing to fear if we have Jesus! You have some vivid word choices here that paint a great picture! :)
Congratulations on your "Highly Commended" for this great piece! :)
Congrats God bless~
Thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragent! I have been too long apart from Faithwriters, unable to financially move from the Silver level. What joy to find I was allowed to participate once again in the Writing Challenge! My hubby was so pleased I started writing again, he encouraged me to "try for the Gold"! And so I have . . .