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Beautifully written. Thank you.
Beautiful words and message. I loved this so much, simply beautiful!
Your heart for the Lord is apparent.

God Bless~
I loved this. It was exquisitely written and covered what rest truly is.
This is beautiful. I feel like you checked into my head and knew the exact words I needed to hear. The only red ink I might have is to put quotes around the part God is talking to you. The sudden shift in the POV the last two stanzas surprised me and I wondered if I missed something. But other than a couple of tiny punctuation marks, I think this is near perfection. You did a stunning job with this.
What a wonderful and profound talent you have. I love this poem. It makes my heart dance to its' rhythm and rhyming truth about our tendency to strive for something we already have;His love and acceptance. Great job on this.
What a wonderful message, one that hits me where I needed hit. Your words here caused tension to be released. Felt every word.
This is beautiful. I had tears in my eyes. I think it would flow quite nicely as a song.

The only suggestion I might have is one part made me stumble just a bit. Perhaps if you switch it to this:
I often think accomplishments
Would make me feel more complete
I could be totally off, but just wanted to show you what I meant.

You have a beautiful, touching poem. You brought the MC out of the dark and into the light. This left me with a smile and a sense of hope.
Sorry about the double post. I had been perusing the ones that people threw bricks for (a thread on the message board asking for more critique and providing a link to your story) I thought this had been thrown and you asked for more feedback. I did really enjoy your poem and it deserves three posts from me because it is so good. :)