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You have a fantastic opening. I totally loved it and almost went into the bathroom to see how i hold my toothbrush (but I thought it could wait until i finished commenting) I also think you did a grand job of transition from the opening and being useless to your main message.

The only red ink is that you used the word measure quite a bit. Often when I see that, I think the writer might have been nervous that the reader wouldn't see the story as being on topic. Have faith in yourself because your story was on topic and would have still been even if you didn't use the word measure at all.

I could so relate to the MC in this piece, even right down to the pinkie. Because of my illness, I have lost the feeling in my fingers on my left time. I often will see typos that my pinkie had made without me realizing it. But even though it's annoying, that little finger is still apart of me and is important in shaping who I am. I may think it's useless, but God is using it in ways I might not ever imagine. You did a fantastic job with this piece. (Now I'm going to see how I brush my teeth:) )
Just thought I'd share, I use the pinkie for brushing the top but not the bottom. This has to have relevance--maybe it's not an useless appendage :)
This is an interesting entry. You have me wondering just what I use my pinky finger for and then I did - I use it lots in typing:) We all are needed for the Kingdom of God, for sure. It doesn't matter our age. Lots of mentoring needs to be done for those young'uns. I love God's most excellent plan! Thanks for sharing!
Wow this was deeply profound. Good job and nice way to get the reader thinking. Creative!

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking eighth in level 2! I think of your story everytime I brush my teeth:-)