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I really like your message in this piece. I think many of us can relate to having anger or hurt feelings bubble to the surface but know that we must swallow them and try to be calm.

I did have a hard time understanding your story and had to reread it. Because it is likely a true recounting, I think you may have stumbled by thinking you needed to include every detail. However the word count limits being able to explain everything to the reader. I'd suggest that you start with the person yelling at the meeting. (I was never quite sure who it was but figure it was the principal.) Just by tightening up your story, and leaving out the part about the hurricane and co-worker, I think your message would have been clearer.

You did do a nice job of covering the topic in a unique way. I also liked the Bible references you used. You maker some great points that will make the reader stop and really consider your words. Nice job.
This was a bit hard to understand like Shann said but your beginning and end were very good. You have an awesome message here.
There were parts in this entry that made me sit up and think. The Hurricane Sandy, for family was affected, they lost their house. And, my sister has been dealing with the "flurry of renovation" with the State. While my mom is spending her wait at my condo. So, it took me in a direction, albeit personal due to my family - that had me perhaps interpret it differently than others will.

I thought it well written, and intense, with a great message at the end.

God bless~
Congratulations on your HC in level 2 and for ranking 31 overall!
Congrats. God Bless~