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Your writing made me smile and laugh. What you have here is so true and I have to say "Amen to that!" The only suggestion I can make is to break up your paragraphs making them shorter, without taking out any text.
Great Job!
This is a great story. The title is a perfect fit and neatly sums up your message. I could totally relate to the MC on many levels. I also will throw things in without measuring them. I think we all can relate to the church situation or quickly reading the bible. The only red ink I have is to suggest you save the exclamation points for dialog as sometimes overusing them can have the opposite effect then what is intended. But other than that, I think you did a fine job with this piece. It was on topic and had a great, clear message.
I like your personal illustrations in this great devotional. You bring out some excellent points about Bible study and our time with God, and you leave us with a important lesson to meditate upon! Good job!
This is so good and gives a very clear message, explained powerfully and with 'measured reality.' Thank you so much - needed to read this today and it blessed and taught my heart.
This is good. I know I'm guilty of the "five minute quick fix" many times, if I even get THAT in... *blushes* Definitely something to think about.
Great message and a pensive piece. Good job.
God bless~
I really enjoyed your story and its correlation with life principles. Thank you for this wonderful devotional lesson.