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This is a powerful piece. I knew by the very first line where you were going because I can relate in so many ways. I think the first time I realized how severe my problem was, I was watching Family Feud and the question was How many times do you weigh yourself. My answer was every hour. It sunk in when the person on the show answered once a day and everyone laughed. Hmm if once a day seemed excessive then my answer must be way out there. Your piece is spot on the topic and I suspect many people will see themselves in your words and you will, with God's Grace, be able to reach out to them with your testimony. Well done.
Wow - very, very powerful writing, and a message so VERY many need to hear. Thank you so VERY much for sharing this piece!
May God continue to shine His light over you and in you. This profoundly intense testimony was overwhelmingly beautiful. It served to solidify further, what already is a given...HE and HE alone can do it all. Amen.

I want to thank you for your touching and prolific commentary and personal reflections. Amazing...and this will touch many.

God bless you~
Congratulations on your ribbon in level 2 and for ranking 25th overall!
Congrats. God Bless~