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Powerful story, but I want the rest of it!!! LOL
How distressing when one finds oneself in that situation. Turn back to God. He can make things right again. A compelling read.
Wonderfully written, as always. I hope you can time this to finish as the Challenges finish; I have to know how it ends! (would turn to the back of the book and read the last chapter, if there was one...)
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO ... you are the author and you CAN'T let him take her. Not with his violent behaviour. I don't like this piece at all. Bad bad bad. Oh yes, and you've set the scene well and enable me to feel Madi's weariness, sadness, worry, franticness (what's the noun there?) etc. Which is to be commended. But you could have stopped him ... you are the author, after all. Bad!
I totally agree with Suzanne - BAD!! *shaking finger at you* She has to get Amanda back, you know. She just has to! I am left wanting more and more! Very good writing!
Way to go! Nice hook at the beginning, and I totally bought into Madi's desperation and shock. Well done.
Gosh, this story sickened me. That means you wrote it well. I have a 16 month old and one on the way and I fear day care, let alone a crazed/estranged father!
Oh my word! I can't take it!!! You'd better finish this story...or...or else! Yeah, now you're shaking, aren't you? Well, all I can say is "WOW!!!"
Hey! "No Fair" :( You can't end a rivoting, suspensful entry like that? I need closure, I need an ending! Part 2 next week - beautiful wll be perfect for it! (Great job by the way!)
This one hits home for me on two levels -I used to work in child care and we had to be very careful about who picked up the kids (US laws are different) and we're a family doing all we can to avoid having my kids in care. I don't know how working mom's do it :( Well written!
I mean our kids lol :) I agree with all the others -please continue with this.
You really take us on the mother's journey of, loneliness, single parent responsibility and spiritual bankruptcy to the beginning of wholeness. Well done, Yeggy
Yeah, Jules.
This was a bit of a tease! Com'on think about us desperate readers!
It was powerful.
Just wish there was more... MORE!