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Very nice--I like your title a lot, and also the way that you embellished each Psalm with your own words of praise.
This was creative, but I think I actually enjoyed it more when I read only your own words the second time. The verses you used were good and it was nice to see what inspired you, but the verses also reminded me of some songs, which distracted me from the flow of your own verses.
I have to agree with Debbie about this Shari; your words on their own were wonderfully spontaneous and heart felt praise and it flowed so well when read that way. God bless.
I agree! Very creative! A potential psalmist? I enjoyed.
It's an acrostic! Woo hoo, and a high five to you--that's awesome.
Creative and so nicely done. Good job.
Wow! This was great! Just great! I absolutely loved this!
Very clever, Shari! If Jan hadn't pointed out it was an acrostic, I'd have missed it, but enjoyed it anyhow. But now I enjoy it so much more. Well done! Maybe bold initial letters would help ... but then it might be overdoing it. Nice experimentation here which is very successful ... look forward to seeing more!
Very good and creative! Great job!
The poem is great on its own - but add the element of the acrostic, and it's quite brilliant! Great job!
Fabulous! And keep the verses - I think they enhanced the overall piece. Well done Shari!
Lovely, Shari. I could see this working as a responsive reading or processional. Yeggy
This is awesome...I enjoyed reading it...God bless you...