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The Word of God is powerful and can change lives as you demonstrated in this story. Perhaps one area you could work on would be, "show, don't tell." For example in your sentence, "They left the room and locked the door." Rather than saying "locked the door," tell about the sound of the lock,-- "Judd was left in silence, except for the hollow echo of the lock being turned on the cell door." Your message comes through clearly on this entry. I always enjoy reading about a changed life.
A powerful message that no matter where we are, even sitting on a cold floor in the middle of stubborn refusal, God is there, and His word heals.
I thought this was a creative take on the topic. Though I haven't read all of the stories, this is the first one I've seen about the step program. You handle a difficult topic in a good way. Nice job.
Great job! I loved this whole piece. Wonderful job with the topic at hand, and you've pulled it together in a powerful way.

Thanks. God bless~