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I like the contrast in your opening sentence, "baby steps" and "maturity."

I've seen it suggested here on FW that if you double space between paragraphs, it makes it easier for the reader.

You've really thought through this devotional. There is a lot of wisdom in your message. Thank you.
So much wisdom in so few words. Baby steps and maturity, two words you would not normally think of going together. But, you are so right. In our youth, we want everything, now. We rush. We barely begin and we want to finish. We take one giant step forward and three bumpy steps back. Baby steps, and moving forward in faith is the way to go.
For being such a short piece, it really packs a huge punch. I think you made some great points and it made me stop and look at my own journey. Having a chronic illness, I'm familiar with one step at a time but the baby steps is something I haven't thought of before but think it is fantastic advice.
WHile in college, one of my professors told the class, "it's easy to write a long story...but it's very difficult to write a short one. That's the sign of a good writer, the ability to say it in so few words.

" And, she was correct, it's really difficult to pack so much into so few paragraphs. But, you managed to do just that. Wonderful job.

God bless~