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This brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of all the things most of us take for granted, and of those hurting souls who have not. This was a great piece for this time of year. Thank you.
This is a great story. I'm not usually the type who reads or notices titles but this one did catch my eye and pulled me in. I think you did a great job of living up to the title's expectations. I was eager to keep reading and see this conflict resolved.

The one thing I'd suggest is something that every writer works on for as long as they are writing--Show don't tell. It's a hard concept to manage for sure. For this story I may have made the MC(main character) be Mr. Myers and tell the story from his POV (point of view). By doing this, the reader can only know what Mr. Myers sees hears, or thinks. This is to just give you an example of what I mean by showing from Mr. Myers POV: Mr. Myers stood in his show, with his chest puffed out and head held high. He smiled at the long line of people waiting to see the best Santa in town. Suddenly his eyes fell on one little boy who wore faded pants and a sweater splattered with old stains. His lips turned down as his eyes darted over to a couple sitting on a bench.
Though I did it quickly, I hope you can see what I mean by showing. If you have questions feel free to PM me.

You did an outstanding job of writing on topic while delivering a blessed message. I was intrigued by your characters and thoroughly fell in love with them. This story left me with a warm feeling and a smile on my face. You have a natural gift for storytelling. Keep writing those messages that God places on your heart. Your words touch people in ways you may never imagine. This was an absolute delight to read.
Love this story...Very heartwarming. I'd like to see this feature somewhere on Faithwriters for the month of December...Keep up the good work...