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I'd left a huge comment before and then my computer froze up so I hope I can recreate my thoughts. First I think the POV was absolutely a work of genius. You intrigued me about this balloon and the things she could see. I was eager to keep reading.

I think what would make this story even stronger would be to use more active sentences to paint a picture for the reader. For example by switching this:
playing football (but really more just fighting and wrestling, than actually engaging in a sport).
to something like this will help draw your reader into the story:
She gazed down to see the boys wrestling and jumping on each other; creating a huge dog-pile with arms and legs flailing about. Soon fists started flying as the football laid on the ground forgotten by the boys.
I hope that helps show what I mean. I also wondered if you needed the first and last paragraph because it started telling the story in the first person and technically the MC (I) would only be able to show the reader what she saw, felt or thought but the story is really clever with the POV from the balloon.

Even with all of that said, I still totally enjoyed this piece. I think you covered the topic in such a brilliant way. Who better to describe the comings and goings of a park than a balloon? If I hadn't known the topic, I still would have guessed park. This is one of the best examples I've seen of embracing the topic and making the park essential to the story. This couldn't have taken place anywhere but a park. I do believe this is one of my favorites. You truly are a talented and creative author. Wow-worthy in fact. :) WOW!
Unique story idea. I liked it very much and I thought it a little sad at the end as the balloon just disappeared. Great job.

God bless!
I also say WOW! I loved seeing the park through the now free balloon's eyes.
Congratulations Keith!
Congratulations on placing 2nd in your level and 11th overall!
Oh so close to an EC! This was one of my favorites!
Congratulations. I hope to read more of your winning works.