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Honestly, I have never teared reading any of the challenges, until now. This was incredible. I knew where it was going but it still touched my heart. Well done and a winner in my book. Your title is great too.
Very, very sweet.
Children do surprise us with their unexpected wisdom. Charming.
The heart of a child is sweet and unassuming! Well written! I loved it!
How sweet -and yet again one of my favorite hymns makes an appearence in a challenge!
Beautiful job showing how the Lord uses children's pure eyes to see the pain in adults. Very touching and genuine.
I really enjoyed this. I could picture the little girl crooking her finger to call the old lady. (kind of pictured her as a young Shirley Temple for some reason lol) The story was great and my only suggestion would be the slight over use of Meggie's name. For example: "Meggie giggled and Daddy whirled around, grinning. "Sing with me, Meggie!" Laughing, Meggie ran..." Maybe you could try it like: "Sing with me, (Sweetie or Angel or some other term of endearment!)". That's just a small comment on an otherwise great story!
Great job on this! What a sweet little story. I love it!
This would make a GREAT story to teach children about loving their neighbors. (or mean people that are really sad) We had a neighbor like that and we prayed for her - she got saved a couple of years later after we moved. She was MEAN! :)
Great story-telling! I really enjoyed it also. Encore! Encore!
A sweet story with a lovely message. Enjoyed it immensely. It was probably just me, but I pictured Meggie and her dad as Irish and I could just hear them singing that song together. Well done.
Wonderful story. It is true that God would sometimes use children to change the heart of a hard-hearted grownup.
Out of the mouths of babes... Like the way you used that idea. Also the way you showed parents modeling real love and joy to their children.
This was so vivid and just wonderful to read!! I loved imagining their actions.Great job!
Adorable story!!!
Beautiful story and message Lauren. Congrats on your win. :D
Oh wow, I loved this story! Good pick for a winner this week. I, too, heard an Irish brogue in there.
Lauren, this was cute and a wonderful read. I wish I knew some children like that (maybe one day when I have my own).
Congrats on the editors choice.
You need a line somewhere at the end about her heart softening or something, to make us see that she (the old bird) is getting it.
Lovely though. Really lovely.
Congratulations on your 1st Place Level Challenge! Keep up the good work!
Very well done, Lauren. I so enjoyed this story about a child's innocence and how her love for Jesus was so easy to share. A lesson we should all learn. Great title and dialogue. A well-deserved win. May God continue to bless your writing.
Thank you! This touched something deep in me. The Gospel from the mouth of babes is powerful.