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This really touched me. I'm not big on poetry but this piece I could totally relate to. I've been mourning the falling of leaves and the cold weather even more this year. Your piece really tugged on my heart.
Your poem touched my heart. I have lived through the gray park days, and just as you have been thankful that I was not alone. Springs rebirth will come
Beautiful. I was just walking outside yesterday and looking up at the trees and wishing the leaves were still there. Your story made me think that this can be a time of reflection on the three days that Jesus was in the tomb- in the depths of Hell taking the keys back from Satan, so that he could return them once again to God his Father. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

God bless!
This is both beautifully worded and brilliantly crafted yet full of faith and hope...a favorite of mine this week which i suspect will do well.
Full of meaning, beautifully written. You are definately not alone.
Your piece is beautifully seasoned with grace. I loved the way you contrasted the seasons with our spirits. You did such a phenomenal job describing our resistance to the gloomy dark times which are specifically intended by our Maker for nourishment and character development. Strengthening our roots-right? Well deserved win!
It looks as if we've the same thoughts only expressed in slightly differing ways. Congratulations on this wonderful piece, Frankie.
Oh, this is wonderful. Just beautiful and I can so identify. It touches really deep ground and is a blessing to read. Thank you so much and many congratulations on your well deserved placing.
WOW! What a beautifully-written piece with an utterly profound message! Truth wrapped in wise and wonderful words!! :) You so richly deserve your high ranking with it! CONGRATULATIONS!
A wonderful work. Congrats!
This was richly laden with creativity, imagery, and emotion. This piece was definitely deserving of the high placement in the EC list. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Loved it.
Congratulations Frankie! You deserved it.
This is beautifully crafted and full of meaning. I love the message of hope. Super congrats on your Editor's Choice award and your level ribbon!
I love your poem.It is so emotive and moving, and very well written. Congratulations on your 3rd placing in the EC and your win in your level.This is a poem I will read again, and save.
Congratulations. Soothing and slightly enigmatic read. Until the end of course. Very enjoyable. I could feel the mood as I read which is what I aim for in my own writing.