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I liked your title and humor. Nice Job. I am the third kind. :)
One of the better devotionals I've read here. I love the part about people who can saaaaang!
Your descriptions rock! Though I am the third kind, my babies, now grown, smiled when I sang their lullabyes. However, now, they leave the room - only God stays, I think. Thanks for reasons to sing.
Humerous, nicely written and a lovely devotional. God bless.
You made my night. Excuse me, I have a song...
This is a brilliant devotional. I am going to remember "There is power in your song" and keep singing praises to our Lord.
Your piece had a one-on-one quality to it. I felt like you and I were just talking together and you were telling me your thoughts on the subject. Well-deserved award this week. Congratulations!
Felt like you were talking to me, well to all of us.
Good examples and great line of thought.
:) This is the most smile worthy article yet!
I so enjoyed this article, DaNine (and I love your name, too). For myself, I definitely fall into the can't carry a tune in a basket category...but my heart is filled with songs of praise for our Lord. And my heart fills with joy when I hear songs of praise sung to our Lord by those who really "saaang". Thank you for the blessing and congratulations on your win.
DaNine, I love the spirit, joy and life in your devotional. It's a delight to read and is going to be a wonderful addition to the FaithWriters' Anthology.

I just need to get a three to four sentence bio note from you, to include in the book. Most of us hate writing these things, but they are important. A lot of readers enjoy finding out a little more about the authors.

If you need a bit of an idea how to go about writing it, visit FaithWriters' Magazine:

and have a look at some of the bio notes at the end of any of the articles.

Then if you could send it to me as a Private Message, that would be wonderful.

Thanks so much!

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)