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An enjoyable read, I really liked every part of it.
Thanks. God bless~
Aww, such a sweet story. I loved the way in which you portrayed the pastor. Great job.

God bless!
A unique application of theme, and a poignant message. Well done!
I loved the story. You made Kip come to life with the range of emotions he felt over the theft and the compassion he showed the thief. There were a couple of small formatting errors, but you can fix those with another proofread. Nice job.
I liked this story. I really liked the characters and felt like I knew them when I was done reading.It was on topic and tackled with a fresh approach. Many refer to the cup of Jesus but you took a different POV on this idea and it was interesting, as well as thought-provoking.

Some of your dialog was a tad stilted and didn't sound natural. For example this line: Hi, I am Pete; I understand you had a cup that was taken."
First he would introduce himself as an officer and not given his first name. Also use contractions like I'm instead of I am or you'd or you've instead of you had as using contractions sounds more natural.

Because of the break-in, you had an excellent opportunity to start off with a real attention-grabber. Just by changing it a bit to something like this would be more exciting: Kip felt the blood drain from his face as he looked around and saw broken glass scattered all over the ground. His eyes followed the trail up to the window that had been smashed in. Kip's heart thudded as he dialed 911.
From there you could go on with your story. I'm not suggesting my example is the better but wanted to show how you could build the conflict right away.

With that said, I also want to make sure I compliment you on the excellent job you did of showing instead of telling. It really helped me feel the character's emotions. Little things like having the thief look down really brings the emotion into the story. You showed me that he was nervous and a bit embarrassed and that made a huge difference in building the suspense. You also had a great message in this story that pretty much everyone could relate to these days. You really did some nice showing on this piece and it was a delight to read.