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I loved this...I love have blessed me with your story..excellent!
This is a wonderful story. I see you had a little trouble with formatting. I'm sure it will be better next time. I love nature and birds, too. Good job and blessings.
This is so beautiful. Birds give me a strong sense of peace and I also enjoy watching them and talk quite a bit with them. There are two geese that live out back by the pond part of me aches for them because they seem all alone and watch as large flocks fly past. Do they know they were meant to be part of something larger? But then I realize that they aren't alone for God does care for them and as for being a part of something larger, they have provided me with joy and comfort how large is that?

I knew instantly that the birds blessed the MC in many ways and I don't think you needed that last line, though I do understand that it can be hard wondering if the masses will get that it is on topic without using the topic word. As for the spacing problem. The best thing to do is copy and paste your story instead of attaching it and always hit preview before submit to see what your story will look like to the readers.

You did a great job of painting me a beautiful picture and bringing the birds to life with your words. I truly enjoyed this piece.
Awwww...beautiful. I loved this story. So well written. I love all of God's creatures, and birds are so delicate and freeing. Lovely job.

Thank you. God bless~