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This is an interesting story. You drew me in from the very beginning and I was quite intrigued by James and his friend.

This is a tiny detail but you said friend from first grade which makes it seems like the characters are in first grade but I think they are older and if you had said since first grade that would clear up any confusion.

I liked how you brought in the Bible story and think that it is a message that many people need to hear. Nice job.
I loved this entire entry. It was powerful, interesting, and kept me interested. Thank you.
God Bless~
I like your light touch on what could be a very over-scary subject. Well done.
Your story is one my favorites this week. Well written, good content and on topic. Good job.
I enjoyed this entry and the "journey" that this boy was on. If there was no word limit (of course there is one but if there were not) I would have enjoyed even more details in the story (like eating the grandmother's fresh baked cookies etc.) So I think that you could make this into an even longer story if you wanted. At any rate, I liked reading about how Scripture (even OLD TESTAMENT stories!) relate to real life in the modern world. Well done!
This story intrigued me, as some in my family of a couple generations and more ago were "into" the occult. My grandfather was a "channeler" of spirits, and as a child my mom saw and heard things that could not be rationally explained. Therefore, she always warned me to stay away from anything connected to spiritualism. I appreciated the warning message you sounded in your story, and I liked how you brought the truths of Scripture into it. Good job!
I enjoyed reading how you incorporated my favorite Bible stories into this young boys life. Good job, one thing isn't devote- devout?