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This is great! I loved it! Flows so smoothly, and just energized me. Nicely done.
Thanks. God Bless~
This is a fun and light-hearted poem but has a beautiful message in it. It is true that we set the tone of our lives and how we approach them can make such a difference. Though a couple of your rhymes didn't exactly rhyme the message came through loud and clear and it didn't really matter if every line rhymed. You definitely were on topic and did a nice job with this piece.
What a refreshing contrast to the popular myth that deeper spirituality can only be measured by deeper frown lines. Loved it; well done.
I always LOVE your positive outlook on life. You truly are an inspiration and this poem is an absolute tribute to not only your sense of humor, but how you view life. Excellent rhythm in this poem although there are a couple of places where there isn't a true rhyme, but outside that, this was a wonderful entry and so very on topic. Excellent writing!
I enjoyed your light hearted poem very much. I liked the pace and flow. Thanks.
I enjoyed your peem and your view on life. Poems do not always have to rhyme to make them good poetry. The message was clear and the flow was smooth.
I smiled all the way through-you inspire me lovely spirit!
Life understood and flavored with a sense of humor is a blessing. Your poem makes this clear and that it was written from the heart with conviction, experience and insight makes it all the more believable.