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Oh, this is wonderful, I laughed so hard at this one! Thank you so much for this delightful story! Well written and a winner for sure, I'd say!

God Bless, Lynn
I meant to add I once had a Boston Terrior that liked to pee on people too, so I know the feeling of OH NO!
This was like reading a screenplay...I saw the entire thing unfolding in my head. Nicely written and well told.

Thanks. God Bless~
This is hysterical. You had snippets of subtle humor, which I really enjoyed and then when I got to the peeing party (I had a typo here, and meant to say peeing part but thought peeing party fit the scene much better so I didn't fix my typo!:) I seriously roared with laughter. In fact I'm still chuckling now.

The only thing I might suggest would be when Whitey came in the room. Because you didn't out and out say it right away I thought he was humping the purse. (I know that sounds crude which I think when you didn't say something like he lifted his leg and peed on the purse I thought you were being polite so in my mind I saw the humping dog.) Anyone who has dogs knows that both natural actions can be humiliating.

You nailed the topic for sure. I'm willing I'm not the only one who can relate to this story. Your ending was quite strong as well and of course that fact that it is a true story makes it even funnier. It's easy to believe that it's true too because people could't make that stuff up. Thank you for the delightful chuckle.
This was extremely "funny!" Your humor was very well received and because of it, your entry read very smooth throughout. There were only a couple things I noticed that you may or may not need to know, the first being watering , -- the comma there needs to be inside the second quotes. Then when you said "Lucky for him he gotta head start," I think it should have read Lucky for him he "got a" head start. But besides those two little bumps, your entry was truly a delight to read. Very nicely done!

I can just imagine what Ms. Pearl must have felt, "ALL THESE DOGS!" She handled it pretty good though. Very funny story.

God bless!
Great pictures and energy here, wrapped up in a story that just has to be true. I must say, urine atural story-teller.
You did an absolutely wonderful job of telling this story. Your timing is very good. Your story is easy to read and as funny as can be. Good job!
Dogs have many endearing qualities. One of them is the ability to keep us humble. Great, well-written story.
CONGRATULATIONS!I abosolutely loved this story......well, well, deserved.
This is absolutely a funny story, made even more so by the way you told it! I'm so happy to see this place so well, as it sure made a good start for my day. Thank-you for the humor and congratulations!
This was a delightfully humorous/funny story, and laughed out loud several times while reading it! Great writing! CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved win!
Simply loved it and thought this could be we have three dogs that do the strangest things. Like chewing my toes and attempting to de-pant me under the desk right now!!
Then I see it is true which made it all the more endearing. Well done and Congratulations!
Congrats and God Bless~