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Simply beautiful! I loved this. Thank you for this intensely touching piece. Nicely done. God Bless~
Beautiful candid look into Peter's heart, his conversation with Jesus was written in such an intimate way, and I loved your concluding thoughts about rising to new life...this was very inspiring.
You really managed to get inside of Peter's brain. I'm sure many of those thoughts would have been bouncing about his brain creating an unbearable pain.

I'm not sure if all of the events were in chronological order exactly the way it might have happened but if anyone focuses on those tiny details they are missing out on the main message of your story. The anguish Peter must have felt at knowing he had betrayed his friend would be horrible.

Then to realize that Jesus predicted it, even when they were still together Jesus knew Peter would fail. Yet as your story so beautifully shows Jesus wasn't worried about it. It was simply a fact and to show his faith in Peter he charged him with an even bigger task than imaginable--Feed my sheep. Wow those few words say so much. It may have been a tad weak on the topic.

You do mention a cookout but the main part of your story is Peter's anguish. I think the way you grabbed the reader's attention in the beginning and held it to the very end should more than make up for what some may consider weak on the topic.

You did a great job of telling a familiar Bible story in a fresh and beautifully-written way. The message still pertains to us today. Even when we mess up, Jesus still stands beside us and can turn our mistakes and weakness into glory foe God. That's a powerful bit of insight to have.