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Hahahaha. This was an adorable and sweet read. I loved it, and I enjoyed the father that tried so hard! It was warm and I loved the interaction with him and the kids. Great job!

God bless~
Oh what a delightful story. I loved it from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing and God bless.
I can't stop smiling! This one made me talk out loud,

"Ahhh noooo!" and that sort of thing. (Brought back memories of when a bird did the same thing to my daughter's lunch as we sat at a restaurant patio.)

So funny. I would dare to say you have a talent for comedy.
Clever and funny! What a disaster :)
Absolutely clever title and cute story! Perhaps a little more description of another one or two of the mishaps would have made the story more entertaining.
What a terrific story.

I kind of knew what that bird had planned, but it didn't spoil the event at all.

Nice work.
I liked your story. Very funny ending. Good work.

God bless.
What a cute and funny story. You told it well and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the events unfolding. In a way, I guess, all were saved by that bird. The dad by not being embarrassed by his cooking, the girls from having to eat it and finally all of them for having a wonderful story to share.
Hee-hee! That naughty bird, who actually did a good deed unknowingly! :D I laughed along with the little girls! Great story!
Oh I love this. You had me seriously laughing out loud (yes I know seriously laughing is an oxymoron but is a perfect fit) I fell in love with the dad. You did a great job of showing his love for his girls. Congratulations on your HC! Happy Dance!
Congratulations Lynn! So happy for your HR. Nicely done. God bless~