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I really like the idea of looking like what you eat, which seems to be the main message in this. You do a good job getting that point across, I think.

The part about getting caught eating junk food is sort of like a message in itself. There's a lot you can do with either concept, but I thought the best parts were when your MC noticed the difference in his skin color both with and without after eating junk food.
This is a cute story. I really enjoyed it and thought it was quite out of the box. I enjoyed the characters, especially the nerdy kid who threatened to tattle. I think everyone can think of someone like that.

The only thing I might suggest would be to start out with more of a grabber. Perhaps have him notice his face is red and slimy. That would be a great way to grab the reader's attention. Since it's a story for kids have those gross descriptions will intrigue most kids.

You also did a nice job of having the kid resolve the conflict. Often people will make the mistake of having the adult be the hero but like you did--the best thing is to have the adult guide and be a good example but have the kid do the resolving. I don't think you need the last paragraph because you did an excellent job of getting the message out with your story and you didn't need to spell out the morale of the story.

You covered the topic in a fresh and interesting way. This was a pleasure to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

God Bless~