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I love this story! It is very sweet and touching. It made me stop and take a deep breath from my busy day. Thank you. Very good!

This reminded me of the Bible I inherited some years ago. It belonged to my great-grandfather and I often hold it close and smell the leather. Wonderful story...I loved it!
This was great on all points! You have believable characters, great dialogue, you filled in all the answers well to setting and how she would know him and then used the topic in a unique way!And then a great lesson!
Wonderful characterization! Both of your characters are unique and likeable. Your last sentence isn't really necessary; you've given your reader a lovely lesson and you don't need to "preach it"--you did a great job of showing us.
I loved this - thank-you! I feel the same way about my Bible. It's not fancy or made of leather, but it's my most valued possession.
Wonderful story with a good message. Thank kyou for sharing it.

You said a mouthful! Sometimes we let the opportunity slip by because we forget the signifigance one life has to God in heaven. All of heaven and the angels rejoice when a new soul finds its place in Christ. With every missed opportunity, silence is heard in heaven! Thanks. This could be used as a Sunday school story:)
Thanks for the wonderful picture! Made me sit back and reflect on how awesome an old Bible is, and the condition my own Bible will mean to my kids someday. Keep on writing!
A very well composed article. The final line made this into a sermon story, which maybe it is. Thanks for posting.
Great on all counts--bravo! Front to back, I had no problem reading your story. Inspirational. God bless ya, littlelight
I really, really like it. It'll be in the winners circle, I'd say.
Very touching story. The touch, feel and smell of a Bible is different somehow. I agree that the last paragraph could be deleted. It's a sermon, as is. Nice work
This was so well told - such clear and tender descriptions: I could smell the leather, feel the dust from the journey on my face and clearly picture the older lady and the nervous young pastor. I dont think that the last paragraph should be removed but I do think it could be re-worked slightly by making it the reflections of the young pastor, perhaps a few years into his ministry. Beautiful. God bless.
A well deserved win. Congratulations!
Lisa, congratulations on your 2nd place in the Editors' Choice, as well as your 1st Place in the Level 2 awards. Well done! Now it's time to move on up to Level 3! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)

I love your characters! Fantastic writing.