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I enjoyed this take on the Jacob and Esau story. Well done.
Nice job with the reteling of the familiar Bible story. I enjoyed it. It was certaily on topic too. Thanks. God bless~
You did a great job of adding the personalities and thoughts of these familiar characters. It definitely gives the reader insight and helps to make me feel like I was right there.

I know part of it was a style choice but I'd recommend that you put quotes around what the MC actually says. Otherwise it can be confusing to tell which are thoughts and which are spoken aloud. Also you don't need to tell the reader what you're going to do next. Instead show the reader with vivid verbs. Like instead of saying It's now time to add the beans. Instead try to paint a picture-- I scoop up a handful of beans, inhale deeply, and plop them into the pot.

I'm really impressed with this story. Even though I knew who the characters were early on, I was so eager to keep reading. You managed to stay true to the story while bringing a modern element to it. This will help people relate to the story-- to see it with fresh eyes. I think you did a nice twist on the topic. Though I haven't read all the stories yet, this is the first one I've seen about Jacob and Esau. This was a delightful read.
I loved your take on Jacob and Esau. It was right on topic. Thank you and God bless.

God bless~
Congratulations for ranking 3rd in your level and 16 overall!