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Hahahahahaha..."You have made scales beg for mercy"
You are too funny!

I enjoyed this clever piece of your "food journaling." Interesting and well done.

Thanks. God Bless~
You are such a selfless person, making sure that noone's offerings at a potluck go untasted! Very thoughtful of you!!

I really enjoyed reading this. There was the potential for this to be just a list of things you like or don't like, but you really personalised it, brought in humour and compared your tastes to others' and their less courageous palate!

As for eating snake, go for it; the taste is just like chicken . . . or so I've heard! A great, 'blog' style entry, well done.
You have a good take on potluck meals. I like your writing style and your humor. Well done.
I really enjoyed this. it was such a refreshing change of pace and a fresh take on the topic. You had me smiling at the eating anything and I laughed about not wanting to hurt people's feelings so you try some of everything. I also thought it was a keen observance that people look to see if others like the dish they brought. I'd never really thought of it before but looking back I do remember feeling good if my dish was a hit and feeling a tad sad if it was a flop(unless of course, I really liked it then it didn't matter if others ate it because there would be more for me at home later.:)
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level two!