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At first I thought she was an agoraphobic. I didn't realize what was happening until the end. It was an excellent story...and sad at the same time. I've known a couple of ladies in our church that behaved the same way. There is always a reason for everything. Great message.

Great job...and so well written. Thanks.

God Bless~
Amazing insight into the complexity of human drama. So well written. Thanks for sharing.
Wow! This one had me crying. It was a tad spooky to see a lot of my private thoughts and actions laid bare for all of the world to see. I suffer from a mild case of agoraphobia and felt like you were copying the exact arguments I have with myself every time I need to leave the house. Though the ending reason why the MC was so terrified to be in that crowd is different than mine you still captured my fears brilliantly. There may have been errors in this but I was so engrossed in the story I never would have picked up on them. I love how God times things to send me a private message at the exact moment I need it most. Thank you so much. This is on my all-time favorite list and I didn't even touch on how it was a brilliant take on the topic.
How many fight that battle. This was heart wrenching and so very true. Thanks you for writing this article. God bless.
Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words concerning this piece of writing. When I wrote it, I purposely left it vague and purposely left questions . . . hoping that whoever read it would be able to find whatever truth they individually might find in it . . . hoping that my little story would not only engage my own search for truth, but also engage someone else . . .hoping that the questions this piece leaves in the MC would also stir questions in the reader . . . hoping to stir questions that would lead to Truth. I believe we're never going to stop battling lies in this life, but we can equip ourselves to recognize them by seeking and searching for Truth. That's what we're doing here as FaithWriters, isn't it? What a beautiful privilege for which I am abundantly grateful!