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Wow- simply breathtaking and powerfully written. I loved this. what a lovely testimony of exaltation to our Savior and the promises that were, and are, and are to come. Thank you.

Beautiful job. Thank you.

God Bless~
Wonderful parable and analogy - not sure a feast and a picnic are the same, but the writing is first-rate. You won't be in intermediate long, I'm sure.
This is a lovely allegory. It helps understand all that was important to Jesus and how much he sacrificed. Good job.
This is a wonderful allegory and well written. I agree that a picnic and a feast are not the same and, therefore, your entry might not rate as well in that category. However, the idea if fresh and creative.

I would have capitalized every reference to the Mighty King and the Prince. Meaning "He" "Him" "His" and "Son". Just my own preference.

This sentence seemed odd to me: Being sent, the Prince did give his life.

You just explained why He gave His life. The phrase "being sent" feels odd and out of place.

This is me being nitpicky. More often than not, I loved your choice of words and the flow of the piece. You are a strong writer. Nicely done.
WOW! A powerfully told story about our King of Kings. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Keep pouring out your heart with you stories. They speak to everybody.
Congratulations! God bless~