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I enjoyed viewing this familiar Bible story from the perspective of the boy who shared his lunch with with Jesus and the crowd. It's fun to imagine how these rather obscure characters felt and what they thought when in Jesus' presence. I think your story would be nice to share with some children you know!
This was so clever and so right on topic. What a great way to get across such a fantastic message of Jesus feeding the multitudes through a child's eyes. Great job. I loved this whole piece. I can see this in a children's Christian magazine.

God bless~
This was fantastic. I loved the feeding of 5000 as told by the child. It truly was one of the finest picnics ever.
You did a wonderful job of bringing this story to life. I've read several fish and bread stories this week but I especially enjoyed seeing it from the boy's POV. I'd never thought that the boy might hesitate to share because he himself was hungry. This aspect makes the story even more miraculous as humans can te3nd to be greedy. I love the message you told and it's so often truer than we can imagine. If we live for Jesus the return is three-fold in that we are serving God, others and then last ourselves.When we do something for another then that person feels good and so do we. But if we do something for ourselves only we feel better. The true answer is do it for God and God, others and ourselves will all be blessed. I love how you really demonstrated that message by first the boy grabbing the lunch for himself then offering to share with Rebecca but in the end by serving Jesus he helped more people than he could ever imagine. Even today the boy's unselfishness is blessing people. Brilliant job.
Congratulations! God bless~
Congratulations on your level win! :)