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I enjoyed this piece. Esp:"I got a lock and key
Carry em everywhere with me
Got a big sign on my door
No junk mail please anymore
Cause Im tired of admitting everyone
I show grace but a line must be drawn
Between love and letting sin rub off on me
When God is working to make me holy"

This is really the "doing" on our part-- trusting and obeying God's instructions carefully.
Praise God! Loved this...Amen & Amen. Beautifuly job. God bless~
Nice job!

I had a bit of trouble with the rhythm/line length, because since some of it rhymed, I was expecting more uniform lines, length wise. On the other hand, it read as a song, so it worked. :D

Thanks for the reminder to guard your heart in this way.
I really like this. I'm not super musical but I could almost sing this in a country sort of tune. It shows a lot of wisdom and maturity and would be a great example for the teens of today.
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level two!