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This piece held a lot of significance and certainly conveyed many emotions of several different levels.

The conclusion was thought provoking which the reader will keep with them long after the read.

Good job. God bless you~
I like your title. It really sums up your entire story. I know there are times when I feel I am outright asking for what I need to find out my husband didn't have a clue. We think so differently it could be comical if at times we didn't hurt each other.

You definitely covered the topic. I think the word limit hindered some of your transitions because at times it felt like you were jumping from one point to the next. Perhaps if you focused on one event and expanded on that one time it would have had a greater impact. But that could just be my tired brain.

I think your opening was splendid. The first sentence painted me a picture and I could feel the conflict building right away. Good job.