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This is an interesting take on the topic. I enjoyed your thoughts on what the angels were thinking.

You need to make sure you use the correct its. A good way to remember is the apostrophe often takes the place ofa missing letter. Therefore it's is it is. While its means the possessive form of it.

I really enjoyed the speculation of the different uses of trees. I also wonder things like what God was thinking when he made trees. Knowing most of the time the tree would be used for good but sometimes for torment. But even amidst the torment the tree still had a positive use -so that we might live forever with Christ. Very clever.
I really liked this. The concept of the shadow of the cross hanging over history is clearly depicted. The mention of Jesus bringing out either good or bad is so true; I've asked more than one person to not to use His Name that way....good points and nicely put.