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THis was such a touching and poignant entry. My heart goes out to you and your precious child. You are doing and saying all the "right things." Prayer, and never giving up hope are all that can be done. It is in God's hands And, when He feels it will will.

I had a friend who tried for five years...then finally adopted, after two months with the adopted child she was pregnant. So...God has a plan for your daughter and her husband. It hasn't been revealed yet, when His hands are ready to bring forth the plan, it WILL happen.

My prayers are with you all. Thank you for sharing this honest and difficult scenario in your life with us.

God Bless you all~
Thank you for sharing this article. So deep and real. Blessed be to God who knows all things. Blessings to Louise and Tony. Blessings to you for your trust and prayerful confidence in the LORD. Amen.
This is a gripping tale. It hurts my heart on so many levels and it shows the ignorance so many people show when they don't know what to say.

In the beginning I thought this is going to be another story about a kid who asks so many questions. It might have been a bit more of a grab if you started with "Mommy, why me? I'd be a great mother. Why won't God give me a baby?

I enjoy how you showed faith and love helped calm her troubled heart. You did a great POV on the topic -- different from what I expected and that doesn't happen often too me.
This was a tender, heartwrenching story. One I can relate to. My son and his first wife could not have children and when she was taken from us he married again. At 65 I becamse a first time grandma. God works all things out for good. Being patient is the hardest and most heartbreaking lesson to learn. Will ask God to supply the answer to your perplexing question. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
Congrats! God Bless~