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Remember Me...what a touching story...I loved it, and it was well written; I, myself, have just started entering the weekly challenges, and I hope to get some feedback on my writing also. Good Job..Well done, Marilyn Schnepp
Wonderful imagery! What a sweet, precious story! You captured the mother's aching heart along with the mixed joy of pride and hope for her daughter as she embarked upon her marriage.
Made me cry...and appreciate my 15 year old ever so much more. They are grown so quickly. Thanks for reminding me. Great story!
Oh, very sweet! My own daughter just got married a few month ago, and you've captured the mother's emotions perfectly.
It's nice to know that when we leave home or this life, our memory will linger in the minds of others like the last vestiges of scent on a pillow or a piece of clothing. They will tuck it away and cherish the memory until they are a memory themselves. Thanks for this powerful piece:)
Oh how sweet! Your title is so befitting, and I was thinking about what Jesus said, Do this in remembrence of me. I know how I felt when my daughter moved to Kentucky, and I still have that lingering (I need a tissue) thing. Lovely story! God bless ya, littlelight
Very nice. Look at the second paragraph - the ! is not needed, the affirmation says "she replied." Overall a good effort.
What a well written and heartwarming story. It made me cry. Good job.
I don't think I'm gonna let mine get married after this. LOL A real tearjerker! Thanks for sharing!
A well written story of the love of a mother and daughter - glad I have sereral years before I have to face that day.
I understand why she did it, but boy, how will her allergies be now?!
Heartwarming and sweet. Well done.
:) Karen
Aw. This was sooo sweet. It's reminded me of my mum.
She hates the smell of harsh perfumes and has allergies too! Sob!
Delightful. You made me laugh and cry. Very well written -- just wonderful!
What a wonderful story. It made me tear up. Great job!
A lovely story and well written. Made me cry and made me glad that when my son gets married next Feb he's just moving down the road a bit! LOL. Well done.
Great description of the Big Day and a parent's emotions. Nice circular thing with the laundry reference.
Wow! Great description and very powerful. I loved the ending. Very precious and links the title. A winner in my book.
I enjoyed this and overall it was well written. One thing I was confused by a little was the paragraph when the mom was going to give her daughter a hug. She says she looks up and sees the daughter. She thinks, "How will I ever make it to her?" but then you have her daughter patting her on the shoulder? I also found all the used tissue sharing a little icky, but it definitely made the point of all the overflowing emotions! Great job.