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This is a riveting piece and makes one think. It reminds me of a Bible study where the scientists set out to prove evolution but the more he studied the more he believed God created this. The most important thing for me is that Jesus died so that I might live, nice job.
Great job with this piece. I enjoyed the entire story and liked the way you were working up toward the conclusion. Excellent ending. Thanks. God bless~
WOW! What insight and you put it together so perfectly. We serve a God who is omnipotent in every way. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
Hi -

Thank you for this rich read and for your rock solid belief in our awesome Lord GOD and His creations.
Yup, He really did make it, and He made it good! But just like the serpent questioned what the Lord said to man in the first instance, man continues to question everything the Lord has said or done since! Good work. God bless you.
Well done, we really do need to state this loud and clear, as so many are confused. This confusion has implications when trying to share the Gospel.