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This really touched my heart. I think all parents can relate to that fear of not knowing what to do. Praying is the most we can do not the least.

I wish there was more to this story. I wanted to keep reading. You need to work on doing more showing and less telling. For example: Instead of telling the MC had done everything possible show with something like this: Janice paced the floor; her eyes kept flitting to the clock5. Her mind sought out appropriate actions to take - the cell phone would be reprogrammed so only home and 911 could be dialed.
This helps the reader get a picture in her head and helps relate to the MC more.Also baited breath should be bated.

This was a great take on the topic. Parenthood, itself is a huge risk, then all the days spent wondering if you're doing it right. I like how you left the ending open. Many writers want to tie everything up in a blow but real life isn't always like that. Nice job.
You've managed to pack so much into such a "short piece" and that is a sign of a very good writer. As I've often stated in this forum, it's easier to expand a story...but difficult to keep it to a minimum.

Great job with this and the mom's emotions churning...Thank you.

God bless~
Great application of theme. I did like that a lot was said in a few words, but I also agree with Shann, that I'd like to see the story expanded out a bit.

And yes, love is a risky adventure.
So tender and very touching. This spoke volumes to all parents. Thank you for sharing and God bless.