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This was as a sheer delight to read. It made my heart smile!

Your hubby is a sweetheart, and a special individual indeed. Working for the fire department, as a volunteer shows that is has heart and compassion right there. I have great admiration for firefighters, they are a special breed of individuals.

His noisy "clunking and banging" and singing off key are all additional charming aspects of his personality. My heart ached to hear the insensitive comment fromt the teacher talking about his singing! Awww.

Welcoming people in your church, and being a man of faith, make him all things and more- in our eyes, but most especially in God's eyes.

Loved this tribute to your hubby. Well written and entertaining.

God Bless~
I liked this. I did.
This is a lovely tribute to your husband. I could so relate because I can't carry a tune to save my life but enjoy singing and can remember the lyrics, just not the notes. :)

My biggest suggestion would be to save the explanation point for dialog. I think you would be surprised at how many times you used it and overuse lessens its effectiveness.

I really enjoyed all the other ways your husband serves God. I think singing in the choir is a lovely gift, but having a way with people, knowing how to welcome them and help them feel at home is a beautiful talent to possess.
Hi -

Thank you for this engaging rich piece.

I loved reading about your husband's transformation.

Yes, indeed, a joyful noise.

I'm not one to carry great notes but when the Spirit of our Lord moves me, I belt out songs to His awesome glory. I'm singing to Him with a joyful noise and whatever people believe...I love them...but I will sing joyfully to our Lord, regardless!

Your husband's prayer is precious indeed.
Congratulations! Nicely done. God Bless~