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Wow - this was so powerful and intense! It was well written, particularly the ending describing the soldier going home. Great job with this relevant entry.

Thank you.

God Bless,
This is a wonderful story. You grabbed me right from the beginning and held my interest throughout. I can't imagine anything that would make one weary more than war. You enveloped the topic in this gripping story. The end took me by surprise and that doesn't happen very often. At first I thought you were going down the mysterious stranger road but I was pleasantly surprised with the direction you took.
Beautiful, sad and hopeful all at the same time. Loved the descriptive phrases you used and I could feel the MC's weariness lifting by the sentence. Great job!
So, so sad. You did very well with your descriptions.
a beautiful way to describe the going home of our brave heart troops. This is a subject very near and dear to my hearts, our troops at war. Just took by breath away. God Bless
Very well written with an ending that is the perfect answer to all weariness. No matter what we have been though, that will be the day it all falls away.

Blessings and thanks.
Congratulations on your 1st place finish and welcome to the Advanced level!
WOW!!! This is amazing! As always, you have such a poetic and engaging way with words. And the fact that you've been honing your craft is obvious with this piece. Faithwriters has a way of drawing out the very best in a writer. :)

Huge congrats on your Editor's Choice! So proud of you.
I am so close to what I have written that I have no perception of how it will be received by my readers.Honestly, I thought this piece wasn't very good, I thought maybe I had over-worked it. Am I surprised?You bet I am. Thank you all for you encouragement!
Congratulations. God bless~
Congratulations..and welcome to Level 3!!!
Congratulations on your 1st placee. This is really moving and well written.
This was gripping. I found myself holding my breath to get to the end and see the glorious hope become true.
This is exceptionally well written. The segue from life to death is done so seamlessly, the reader experiences the understanding right along with the protagonist. Great story. Congratulations!
Thrilling . . . the ending says it all!
Ah, the ultimate rest. Very well done. The only red ink I'd give is that the explosion didn't pack as much punch as I would have liked it to. But other than that one line, this was very well done.