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A powerful message. We cannot do anything of our own power. We must surrender all to Him, and ask for His help and guidance each and every day of our lives.

Great job and on topic. Thank you for this loving and critical entry.

God Bless,

Your ending thought sums it up perfectly. We certainly do manage to make things harder than they should be at times, don't we?

Your thoughts seem to be scattered because of so many small paragraphs. They are good thoughts though. Nice job.
Much truth and insight given in this piece. Very well written.
This started out quite strong. I did an aha in my head when I saw the comparison of bitter and better. Amazing how one little letter can make a huge difference.

I have a couple of thoughts to share. Until the end, it felt a tad off topic. If I didn't know what the topic was I'd have guessed adversity. The other thing is you may want to take just one or two verses and focus on them. Give personal examples of how that verse impacted you or someone else. Having so many can be overwhelming for a reader, especially if the reader is new to Christianity or not yet saved.

With that said, you made some great points. It is so true that bitterness can rip a person up. God wants to heal our hurting hearts. I've had a super tough day and have been struggling with bitterness so I really appreciate your message right now. Keep writing, I can feel your passion for the Lord and your desire to share with others. Your words will touch people who you may never know.
I enjoyed reading this article as I thought of myself. I was so bitter towards my ex husband for abandoning me and our two girls. I literally hated him. It wasn't until one of my aunts spoke to me and reminded me that I was only hurting myself and stopping whatever blessings God had for me. I then gave my bitterness to the Lord and now I have forgiven him and have moved on with my life. How true it is that holding on to bitterness only hurts yourself. Thank you for sharing.
Trying to do things on our own truly does leave us weary. Thank you for sharing and God bless.