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Really sweet, I like it.
A beautiful lesson shown in your story and excellently written.
Fun point of view and a poignant message. Beautifully done!
I loved this! What a wonderful parable of the "Fig Tree." Biblical reference and stories that relate to God's word always make me smile...I am smiling wide right now!

Great job, beautifully written. Well done! Thank you for this gem.

God bless,


Wonderfully delicious!

Reminded me of how we are pruned and, uh, dunged, during our trials... with a similar outcome.

Loved it.
Wow! What an original and fun allegory. This would be perfect for a kids' Sunday School take-home sheet or a children's magazine. I absolutely love it.

There are just a few little places that need some polishing. For example in the first part Phoebe, the fig tree, should probably have commas around the fig tree, But then if it is her whole name then maybe not.

Even with or without extra commas this is a delightful story. How true is it that we often feel useless and a burden and all we need is the Gardeners loving touch. Beautiful writing.
I loved Phoebe the Fig Tree. This makes such a wonderful story for children and adults alike. All Phoebe needed was a little TLC from a caring gardner. Reminds me of how Jesus prunes us and helps us grow into a big stong person. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
Very well written! What a wonderful way to help children, and probably some adults as well, to understand the parable of the fig tree. Loved it!
We may not like the stink, but boy we sure need the pruning.

a great story and very well told. Thank you.
Congratulations. God bless~
Well done. Like some others, I thought of how it could be used well with children. The message is clear and well told.