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I really enjoyed reading this. It was an apt description of a behavior we all are guilty of at times and told with humor. Great job!
Your story hit many square between the eyes and the humor drew you into reading on. Very well written and thank you for sharing. God bless.
Your title says it all. We do overestimate our strength - and responsibilities. God loves us too much to place His job on our shoulders. Good job.
A wealth of information bringing an important message to the core, while, delivering humor and entertainment to the entry.

Loved it. Thank you.

God Bless,

I really enjoyed this. And I admit that I relate a bit to the the control issue. You express it well.
This is such a perfect description of how I used to be. I could relate with the MC so much.

My only suggestion is a tiny one. You used such marvelous words and descriptions that you didn't need the all caps or the exclamation points to prove your point. You did that with the words you chose.

This is such an original take on the topic. There is no doubt that striving for perfection can make one weary. The ending was perfect (no pun intended) But it is true how perfection can lead to a sense on arrogance. The truth of the matter is most control freaks get that way because they feel so out of control. You did an outstanding job with this piece. There have been some incredible entries in level two this week and you're right there with them.
I never have time to read all the entries, so I peruse for captivating titles. This certainly is one.... great metaphor of Atlas as the ultimate control freak.

I think this is a strong premise to pursue along the lines of "show, don't tell." For example, perhaps starting your story with a wild example of how your control freakness manifests itself.

I think your third paragraph is the strongest... examples, examples, examples! Again, the tie in with Atlas is excellent, but could also be stregthened with more of a "show" emphasis. Intriguing story though... good job!
Congratulations. God bless~
Congratulations on your ribbon and for placing 11th overall! (So close!)