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I have just finished reading through all of the intermediate entries and I have accumulated several favorites, yours is one of them. I love the descriptive way you journey through the stages of your life and how you ended with a solid message.I think it will be hard to choose the winners from this intermediate group, in my opinion there are several outstanding entries.
This was such a beautiful entry. I touched me and then touched me again and again.
Beautifully written, such a classy and unique flowery style of writing. And, the sentiments and meaning behind the words...leave me breathless.

I loved this amazingly poignant and extremely lovely entry. Thank you for sharing. You will meet again one day...and how you will rejoice in the presence of the Lord and to see your hubby again.

God bless~
Powerful! Ditto, to all the others said here!

Marvelous work! A "pearl" of great value! Wow!
This is a lovely bit of free verse poetry. I think some might falter in it looking for more of a story line but I thought the comparison of jewels to the different feelings the MC experienced was full of richness.
A truly superb entry. I loved your vivid description of life. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
Congratulations and God Bless~
This was a great article, a bit flowery for my tastes, but powerful never-the-less. The translation from a world awash with hope to the darkest despair, and then back to self-chosen hope is awesome. That hope comes from the one who is never crushed by circumstances, and who can rebirth one's life to be different, but abundant