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It is so true that we frequently get caught up in how we've been wronged and how the details of our lives are not fair. But the real lesson, and treasure, is what God is trying to teach us. If only we'd look to him. I love how your story reminded me of that.
You did a mighty fine job with your wise and faith filled daughter. So Congratulations to you, and Praise the Lord.

Thank you for sharing this hard lesson of reality/life, and for sharing your daughter's intensely level headed approach that was laced with love of God and faith.

God Bless~
I loved this so very much. It was so touching and heart warming and a wonderful tribute to your daughter.
This is a beautiful story. As a parent, I think some of my most proud and simultaneously humbling times are when my kids teach me the lesson.

The only red ink I have is to double space between the dialogue as each new speaker merits a new paragraph, even if it's just one word.

You did a beautiful job of writing on topic while telling a lesson we all need to be reminded of. Nicely done.
As a mother, I so appreciated this entry. It reminds me of the many times that my own righteous anger for my children has risen against the injustices that happen to them. But also know that the daughters response is the more appropriate response.

I'm sure you're already aware of it, but putting spaces between dialog lines would make this more aesthetic. (easier to read). That's minor, and easily corrected, and in no way took away from the enormous impact this entry makes.

Keep up the good work!
Congratulations and God Bless~
Congratulations and God Bless~