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Great Job. Completely on topic. Nicely written with a powerful ending.
Beautiful job and a well written devotional. Totally on topic...with a powerful ending. Thank you.

God Bless~
Thank you for this wonderful devotional and its very very apt title. We can't remind ourselves of these great truths too often. As you so rightly say, 'Each day, we must lay down our lives at the Lord’s feet, as a living sacrifice' - wonderful. Thankyou
Good devotional material. I was reminded of the saying "It's okay to look at the past, just don't stare." How often we are affected by our past and fail to see it as a tool Satan uses to paralyze us. Thanks.
Great teaching here and a wonderfully written piece. Very well done!
Great job with this devotion. I love how you used Paul as your example. There really is no one I can think of in the bible who is a better example of the struggle with what they were before they found Christ. Paul not only had the struggle within himself, but he had to deal with the perception of those all around him. I especially like how you wrap it all up with the solution of how living beyond our past can be accomplished. I'm always disappointed when a devotional wants to point out the problem, but not the solution. Sure God is the answer to everything, but I appreciate the effort to point out where He has put those answers for us to find. :) Great job.
This entry was outstanding and definitely on topic! It was very thought-provoking and reminded me of certain things I sometimes forget in my walk with the Lord. Excellent writing!!!
This is a lovely mini-sermon. You did an excellent job of finding just the right scriptures and then you illustrated how they are still true today, in the modern world.
'If we allow Satan to do so, it leaves us...' I may not be right, but I felt this would read better 'he leads us...'

I thought you did a great job of something I struggled with when this topic was announced; the dilemma of when looking back is good and when it isn't.

Very well written.