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Beautiful devotional and moving tribute to the Lord...Nicely done, good job with bringing scriptures into the main context of your story.

God Bless~
You make some valid points in this essay. You did a nice job of reflecting on the word of God.

This is just my opinion and others may feel differently and of course you need to follow your heart. I'm not sure if it was the spacing or what but some parts felt like random sayings one may find on a plague. I think if you try to transition one thought to the next more it wouldn't give me that I'm being "lectured feeling." Even if you had put the sentence that starts with Spiritual self-examination and the one about mixed fruit in one paragraph it would have cut down on that choppiness I was feeling.

With that said, you do make some great and profound statements about our faith and the need to examine ourselves. You did touch on the topic in a fresh way, which is always nice to see. I also really felt that the statement about not reflecting on emotions a wonderful bit of advice. I tend to get quite emotional when I am examining my thoughts and actions. Thank you for the nice reminder.