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This was a beautiful testimony to what "life" is all about, and what ultimately matters...Jesus Christ.

God Bless~
This is perfect advice. Oh how often we long to live in the past or somehow hit the rewind button, turning back life before the crash and burn part.

I did notice you used the word I a lot. In fact, if you go back and count the number of times it was used, I think you'll be surprised. Though it's not always easy, when this happens it provides a great opportunity to try structuring your sentences in a different way. For example - take this sentence: I must press on, but I am not alone. I have a friend who is closer than a brother, and I look to him for direction, guidance, peace and comfort.
Just by rewording it a bit like this will cut down on the number of "I's".
Pressing on, the realization that I'm not alone, that my friend, who is closer than a brother, gives me a sense of peace, direction, guidance, and comfort.

I hope that helps show you what I'm trying to say. I used to do the same thing until a FW pointed it out to me. It made a huge difference in my writing.

You made some outstanding points in this short piece. The encouraging words will touch more hearts then you can imagine.