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This is a very good and thought-provoking exposition of scripture. It jumps a bit, maybe because of the very short paragraphs. Maybe have your paragraphs that ask questions of your readers followed by longer paragraphs that address those specific questions?

Good title, and I like the way you re-visited it at the end.
Interesting, but choppy. I am concerned when out of context scripture is poised without full exposition; too many evil people have used it that way for the wrong reasons. This, obviously, is well thought out, but I would like to see it more developed rather than a shotgun approach. The argument stands, good circular approach. blessings - dub
Interesting approach to some of the Scripture references, and although I understand what you're saying, I had a difficult time following at times. Good message.
I have stunk at times in the past, but God is quick to reveal my stench to me and kindly offers to "air" me out! Thanks for this instructive piece:)
I hope not. (LOL) I think sometimes we don't realize that we do. This was kind of a point blank structure to me, yet helpful and got your point across. God bless ya, littlelight
I liked your title. I read it first. I title always draws in a reader. This seemed like a good sermon.