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Very interesting experience. I can relate to studying something and forgetting it when I shut the book, or complete writing something. You did a good job of explaining the normal stresses of life, and the answer for it all
Nice job.

I'd try to do a little more "showing" and a little less "telling." Don't just tell us that you had to stick the patient twice. Take us through the whole process. Don't just tell us you studied and then forgot.... show us. Maybe tell us what you studied, and then take us with you to the test the next day, when you try to recall the information.

Overall, you did a great job with this. And you include a great reminder about where our strength lies!
I laughed, I cried and I nodded my head in agreement wen the Lord spoke to you... most of all, I identified with yor MC. Nice job!
My dream as a little girl, was to grow up and be a nurse...I'm so glad I didn't.
Your story reminded me of why I admire those who are, even more.

One of my friends is an ICU (Intensive Care Unit)nurse, and she shares her own struggles to remain calm in life and death circumstances. Your story reminds me to keep her lifted up in prayer on a daily basis as she seeks to save lives.

I did find some errors, but probably nothing you haven't already discovered and had a "V8" moment!

All in all, this was a wonderful article, and gives me a new-found respect for nurses, and the stress they endure.

How does anyone do that without His help?

Good story of how God is there with us on the hard walks He asks us to to take. Your opening "quote" isn't really necessary, and a few times, you say "for me...". Since this is first person, that is obvious and those words aren't necessary either. Really good flow through your story, and I like the ending!
Your opening was a good invitation to enter your story. I'm glad the Lord helped you to achieve your goal.
Great story. I applaude your bravery in tackling nursing school!

My bit of red ink: "It was the He reminded me..." should be "It was there He reminded me..."

I loved your "talking with God" moment, and the ending verse brings out your message really well. We can't accomplish anything without His strength to uphold us!
I felt right along with you - nicely done.
Assuming this was a 'true' story you deserve a standing ovation and fresh flowers every day. As a diabetic I winced at the two pinches of your elderly patient. You made it real and it is an achievement. Well done.
A well written and touching story in so many ways. My niece is a diabetic and has been since she was "two years old." She is 43 now.

Thank you for this entry...great job.

God Bless~
Congratulations for placing 7th in level two!