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A bit of a Bible Study, but written very well. I enjoyed how you used scripture and brought it all together at the end.
Wonderful scriptures wrapped into a beautiful message and well written entry. Thank you for this reminder that we can all benefit from. Good solidification of the Word. Amen.

God bless you~
This would make an good Bible study. Very well written. Thank you and God bless.
This is a wonderful sermon. You know your scripture well and are adept at putting it in a perspective that many can understand.

I do wonder if quoting so many verses might be a turn-off for someone who is new to Christianity or trying to find out who God is. Even though the scriptures are well placed, sometimes it can be overwhelming to some people usually those who need them the most. It might be more productive to just select one or two and focus on those points. I'd hate to see someone who truly needs to hear these words skip over this profound piece because they are overwhelmed.

Another little thing is don't define common words like omniscience. It's great to introduce the reader to new words but I don't think you need to define it. That is strictly my personal preference and I'm sure there are probably more people who would prefer to have it defined than having to look it up. I love look things up in the dictionary.

You did a great job of staying on topic and using the Bible to back up your points. I can tell you have a passionate desire to spread God's word through your writings.